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Good omen mousy bank

Adorable “mousy bank” has a rounded body shape wearing a coin at front.

Accompanied with peanut and persimmon which has the homophonic meaning of “good omen” in Mandarin.

Mousy bank will be a symbol of good omen and great fortune with lots of blessing for you.


Celadon is a kind of ceramics made by using ferric oxide as chromophoric reagent and by reducing flame. Such pottery is with jade green or pastel green glaze. It has clear and transparent quality, just like thin ice and beautiful jade, impressing people with the graceful and composed feeling.

Celadon from Anta pottery is made firing at high temperature, and its shape fits modern style. Combing with sculpture aesthetics, the color of celadon represents 3D gradation. Hold up a celadon cup from Anta pottery under light, you can sense its exquisite carved beauty.

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17 x 8 x11 cm


17 x 8.5 x 11 cm