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Equanimity Ru-Ware tea set


To be even and composed even under stress―

The steady teapot represents the courage to face and overcome adversity without retreating;the unrestrained ocean of sea symbolizes

the attitude of being balanced and clam when dealing with problems or pressure.

When you are in a difficult position, try to handle the situation with calmness and equanimity.

Allow the refreshing fragrance of a cup of tea to bring you evenness of mind; with the spirit of never giving up, everything will end up perfectly.


The Ru ware – of a rustic, subtle shade of tea, the rendezvous is of a clear moment after the rain.

Rediscover a contented and carefree peace of mind, and enjoy the accidental encounter of a clear moment after the rain.

The Ru ware boasts a fine and sturdy core, with even and pure glaze, featuring a lustrous glaze liken to a layering deposit with a jadeite look,

and comes in an array of shades in ecru, sky green, bean green, shrimp green, sky blue and so forth,

noticeably of the sky green as most precious and the powder green as the choicest.

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泰然茶壺 200cc
泰然茶海 180cc
泰然小杯 40cc


泰然茶壺 Ø7.2×11.6×10.2 cm
泰然茶海 Ø7.6×7.3×8.8 cm
泰然小杯 Ø4.8×5.2 cm
安字竹托 6x6x1.1 cm


39 x 21 x 11 cm