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Tea mug

With brilliant colors, butterflies have combination of stripes  that are as soft as clouds and water.

Anta pottery wants to capture the moment when they flies freely.  He elegantly embellish the surface of porcelain,

hoping to create layers of rich colors and letting the free-spirited butterflies remain in the heart of everyone.

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Sheep Fat White Glaze Coffe cup set

The texture of the glaze is plain yet every elegant, the color is almost similar to white jade or rich tallow, brining a strong sense of Asian art.

The texture of the body is light and thin, while the frame is solid with smooth luster.

The purity and serenity expresses delicate calmness. It is not jade, yet is very similar.

The glaze actually outshines jade and is so unique that dominates its own particular artistic properties.

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Ø7.7 x 11.1 x 11.7 cm


9.6 x 9.7 x 11 cm